LA millionaire’s son, 17, charged after killing woman with his Lamborghini

LA millionaire’s son, 17, charged after killing woman with his Lamborghini

avril 8, 2021 0 Par admin

A 17-year-old driver of a Lamborghini has been charged after crashing into the car of a 32-year-old woman who later died from her injuries.

The charges after the West Los Angeles crash were filed on Wednesday after the LA County District Attorney’s office finished their investigation. They said they cannot publicise the charges until the driver has been arraigned, a procedure scheduled for 23 April in juvenile court, KABC reported.

Hawthorne resident Monique Muñoz was hit by the Lamborghini SUV as she was driving home from work just after 5pm on 17 February. Her Lexus sedan was totalled. Police said that the LA Fire Department came to her aid but she was pronounced dead at the crash site.

Ms Muñoz’s mother Carol Cardona told CBSLA that the announcement of the charges brought her “to tears because it’s like we’ve been fighting for so long. I don’t understand as a mother when your child is killed why you have to fight so hard to get charges filed or even enough attention”.

The 17-year-old driver has not been identified because he’s a juvenile. He was taken to hospital following the crash and was booked on suspicion of vehicular manslaughter on 23 February, according to the LAPD.

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Investigators have said that the teen was driving at high speed leading up to the crash.

Protests have been organized after the crash. Family and friends of Monique Muñoz have called for charges to be filed in recent weeks leading up to the filing on Wednesday.

Ms Muñoz’s cousin Stephanie Crespin told KABC: “We believe it’s the first step to justice for Monique. It’s a very definite step and we were happy to have those charges filed.”

The family said that they want to ensure that the wealth and influence of the teen’s father don’t become a factor in the legal process.

Ms Crespin said: “We don’t want this swept under the rug. We don’t want it ignored, and we have really felt that hinges on us making a stand, on us having a presence and demanding accountability.”

Mr Khuri has apologized to the family of Ms Muñoz but they say that it won’t bring her back and that their fight for justice isn’t over.

Ms Crespin added: “We know this is just the beginning and really our goal is justice and that comes with a conviction and sentencing that reflects Monique was killed that day.”

KABC reported that the family of Ms Muñoz is planning a Saturday rally to demand that the DA charges the teen as an adult.

Ms Cardona told CBSLA: “We’re gonna keep continuing to be her voice until justice is finally, finally served.”

The driver is said to have suffered brain injuries as a result of the crash.