US agrees to withdraw ‘remaining combat troops’ from Iraq – reports

US agrees to withdraw ‘remaining combat troops’ from Iraq – reports

avril 7, 2021 0 Par admin

The US has agreed to withdraw its remaining combat forces from Iraq, at a date to be determined in talks with Baghdad, and remain in the country solely in an advisory and support role against terrorists.

“US forces are in Iraq at the invitation of Iraqi Government to support the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) in their fight against ISIS,” said a joint statement following the “strategic dialogue” between US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and his Iraqi counterpart Fuad Hussein on Wednesday.

“Based on the increasing capacity of the ISF, the parties confirmed that the mission of U.S. and Coalition forces has now transitioned to one focused on training and advisory tasks, thereby allowing for the redeployment of any remaining combat forces from Iraq, with the timing to be established in upcoming technical talks,” the statement added.

Hussein and Blinken agreed to “continue bilateral security coordination and cooperation” between the US and Iraq and emphasized in the joint statement that “the bases on which US and Coalition personnel are present are Iraqi bases and their presence is solely in support of Iraq’s effort in the fight against ISIS.”

Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS) claimed a large portion of Iraq and Syria in 2014, prompting the US to send troops back into Iraq as part of Operation Inherent Resolve. Even though the last territory claimed by the IS “caliphate” was liberated in March 2019 by US-backed militia in Syria, Washington has kept combat troops in the region citing fears of a “resurgence.”

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