Derek Chauvin trial coverage— live: Trainer says officer didn’t follow rules kneeling on George Floyd’s neck

Derek Chauvin trial coverage— live: Trainer says officer didn’t follow rules kneeling on George Floyd’s neck

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Watch live as murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin continues

The murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is scheduled to enter its seventh day at around 8:30am CT (2:30pm UK) on Tuesday, following an eventful day of witness testimony on Monday.

Several senior members of the Minneapolis police force testified against Mr Chauvin on Monday in a damning indictment of the former officer’s actions.

Under official police training, former Minneapolis police officer Chauvin should not have put his knee into George Floyd’s neck, and even if he did, he should have stopped once Mr Floyd stopped resisting arrest and eventually fell unconscious, they testified.

“Once Mr Floyd had stopped resisting, and certainly once he was in distress and trying to verbalise that, that should have stopped,” Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arradondo told the court.

“There’s an initial reasonableness in trying to get him under control in the first few seconds,” the police chief continued.

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“Once there was no longer any resistance, and clearly when Mr Floyd was no longer responsive and even motionless, to continue to apply that level of force to a person proned out, handcuffed behind their back, that in no way shape or form is by policy, is not part of our training, and is certainly not part of our ethics or values,” Mr Arradondo added.

More witness testimony is expected today, as the prosecution is scheduled to present evidence to the court.

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ICYMI: Four Minneapolis police officers have now said Derek Chauvin broke rules

Lieutenant Johnny Mercil is now the fourth senior Minneapolis police officer to say Derek Chauvin wasn’t following his training when he kneeled on George Floyd’s neck.

Here’s what other officers said on the matter.

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Kneeling on George Floyd’s neck wasn’t allowed under police policy, trainer says

Yet another high-level Minneapolis police officer says Derek Chauvin wasn’t following proper training when he kneeled on George Floyd’s neck.

“I would say no,” lieutenant Johnny Mercil, who trains officers in the use of force, said when asked about whether the move was allowed under department police.

Officers are trained to use neck holds on subjects, but are generally taught to do so with their arms, Mr Mercil said.

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Testimony explores exactly what training sessions Derek Chauvin attended

Lt Mercil, according to documents shown in court, directly trained former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the use of force.

Prosecutors brought out training documents to demonstrate what sorts of things Mr Chauvin would’ve learned in this training.

One slide showed “sanctity of life and the protection of the public” as a major heading, which Mr Mercil said is “the cornerstone of our use of force policies.”

“If you can use a lower amount of force to meet your objective, it’s safer and better for everybody involved,” he testified on Tuesday.

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Minneapolis police officers get Brazilian jiu jitsu training

Minneapolis police officers get training in the martial art of Brazilian jiu jitsu, including “pain compliance” moves, according to police lieutenant Johnny Mercil’s testimony.

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Next up: Lt Johnny Mercil

The next witness to take the stand is Lieutenant Johnny Mercil of the Minneapolis Police Department, another officer involved in training officers.

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Not much new ground being covered so far in police trainer’s testimony

The trial has focused extensively so far on how Minneapolis trains its police officers.

The testimony of police sergeant Ker Yang, a training coordinator, didn’t add much to that body of information.

As Mr Yang and others have reinforced, officers are taught to constantly take in information, only use force when necessary, and de-escalate situations.

The only real interesting moment came at the end, when Mr Yang talked about how officers should prioritize various facts on the ground.

A person’s medical condition, for example, is a “big thing,” while a bystander filming an incident is a “small thing.”

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Minneapolis police trainer defend’s department’s ‘critical decision making’ model

Ker Yang, a training coordinator for the Minneapolis police force, defended the department’s “critical decision making” model it teaches officers during his testimony on Tuesday.

He said it’s practical, works well in the realities of police work, and gives officers the time to take in a situation and respond accordingly.

“A lot of the time we have the time to slow things down, reevaluate, reassess,” he said. 

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Minneapolis officers required to de-escalate situations, trainer says

Minneapolis police are required under department procedure to de-escalate situations that they encounter whenever “safe and feasible,” according to Ker Yang, a training coordinator for the force.

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Minneapolis crisis trainer takes the stand to kick off day’s witnesses

Ker Yang, a Minneapolis police sergeant who coordinated the department’s “crisis intervention” training, is the first witness to take the stand today.

A littany of senior officers have taken the stand so far and condemned Derek Chauvin’s conduct.

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Al Sharpton and Ben Crump are in courthouse today

Two high-profile civil rights advocates were spotted on Tuesday watching the Derek Chauvin trial inside the courthouse. Activist Rev. Al Sharpton, as well as attorney Benjamin Crump, both of whom have been working with the Floyd family, were seen watching the trial in the family viewing area, according to pools reports.

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