Mom and school board member push back on Arizona schools’ ‘equity plan’

Mom and school board member push back on Arizona schools’ ‘equity plan’

avril 5, 2021 0 Par admin

Arizona parent Renee Card joined “The Story” to discuss inequality, specifically with “discipline” quotas, in the Litchfield, Arizona’s school system’s equity plan.

CARD: I was upset about multiple things. Primarily the emphasis on disciplining by race and having measurable goals, I’m using their words, measurable goals to decrease discipline for specifically Black students. That’s bothered me. Also, another thing that really stuck out was that they want to measure goals for academic success of Black and Hispanic students. There’s no talk about all students, all races, all genders. It’s very specific, and so those are two of the things that really stood out. The last thing that was really critical to me, was that they’re going to attempt to not only change the curriculum because in their own language it speaks specifically to utilizing resources, and reanalyzing the current curriculum, and utilizing resources to purchase new curriculum that’s going to fit their narrative. Also, hiring by race, hiring diversity goals by gender identification, sexual orientation. Those are all things to me that should not be discussed. 

School board member, Jeremy Hoenack, also pushed back saying:

HOENACK: I’m speaking for myself, not the board, but to jump down to that, they claim there’s no change to the curriculum. But this transformational equity work manual that they’ve been hiding, clearly says that teachers have the power to adapt, modify or enhance any curriculum and push. So therefore they can push critical race theory or even worse. They also claim there are no discipline quotas, but then state schools will reduce the number of suspensions for Black students to 15%. You know? They send out letters saying don’t believe your lying eyes, believe us, but they still today are hiding this transformational equity manual even though it’s posted on websites.