Man on trial for molesting woman didn’t think she meant her ‘stop’

Man on trial for molesting woman didn’t think she meant her ‘stop’

avril 5, 2021 0 Par admin

The Singapore Management University (SMU) student accused of molesting a woman during an overnight study session on campus testified that he did not think she meant it when she said “stop”.

Appearing before a district court yesterday, Lee Yan Ru, 24, gave his account of what happened in the early hours of Jan 8, 2019, and said he did not intend to outrage the woman’s modesty.

He has been accused of using criminal force on the victim, 22, by rubbing his exposed private parts against her chest, intending to outrage her modesty in a study room at SMU.

Lee, who was being examined by his lawyer Josephine Chee from Rajah & Tann, said: “When she said ‘stop’ to me, it was in a very jest(ful) manner… I believe she wanted me to carry on because throughout the night, she was getting more comfortable with me, there was this coy behaviour from her.”

He added: “To me, her ‘stop’ did not actually mean a stop.”

The woman, who is studying at another university, cannot be named because of a gag order.

Lee, who is working at a digital marketing start-up, said he did not think the woman had meant for him to stop as she could have pushed him away or shouted for help.

“But she did not, she let me carry on with what I was doing,” said Lee, who is still a student at SMU.

Leading up to the incident, which occurred around 6.30am, Lee told the court that he had rested his feet on the woman’s thighs, tickled her, tried to kiss her repeatedly, touched her breasts over her bra and exposed himself to her, but repeatedly said he thought she was fine with his advances.

Lee said the two of them then took a nap, adding that he was glad to see she had not left after he woke up. He touched her left breast with both his hands to wake her up.

He then rubbed his exposed private parts against her chest. The woman said “stop”, but Lee said “a while more”, and the woman did not respond. She later got up from the floor and packed her things.

He said she told him to wait for her lawyer’s letter. Lee said he was shocked because he believed the acts were consensual. The woman made a police report that morning. The trial continues today.